Of the thousands of touchpoints through which we come into contact with brands every day, we remember fewer than ten. However, more than eight are needed in the B2B customer journey until the first contact. As a customer journey agency, we create awareness, recall, and desirability for the brand at the touchpoints.

Understanding and accompanying the customer.

Touchpoints are contact points at which B2B customers come into contact with a company.

In the B2B sector, purchasing decisions are generally more complex than in the B2C sector. Business-to-business purchasing decisions involve more decision-makers, longer evaluation and assessment periods, and changing requirements and feedback loops. A customer journey in B2B digital marketing reflects the complex decision-making process of business customers and enables companies to respond effectively to the needs of their target group. As a B2B digital agency, we work with our clients to develop a B2B customer journey that focuses on the actual needs, complex challenges, and individual preferences of customers.

Touchpoints influence experience, opinion-forming, and purchasing decisions along the B2B customer journey.

By looking at the customer journey jointly from the customer’s perspective, we create interactions at the touchpoints that are tailored to individual requirements and provide the customer with the right information at the right time. The aim is to make the customer feel not just part of a general target audience, but rather a unique entity with specific concerns. This approach makes it possible to build customer loyalty, strengthen trust, and develop long-term business relationships. Our focus as a digital branding agency is to create a customer-centric B2B customer journey that creates real value for both our clients and their customers.

From an unknown prospect to a lead, then a contact, then a regular customer

Die integrierte Kommunikation der B2B Customer Journey umfasst die Bereiche Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Conversion, Loyality und Avocacy.

The six phases of the B2B customer journey

The customer journey is the path that a customer takes from their first contact with a company to the fulfillment of their needs or a business transaction. It encompasses all interactions and points of contact that a customer has with the company during this process. As a B2B digital agency, we support our clients in all phases of the B2B customer journey:

PHASE 1 – Awareness: In this phase, the potential customer first becomes aware of the brand or company and its products or services. This can happen, for example, through search engine results, social media posts and recommendations, or at trade fairs, exhibitions, or technical conferences.

PHASE 2 – Interest (interest/search): The potential customer shows an increased interest in the company’s offerings. During this phase, the prospect researches in more detail, compares options, and tries to find out more about the products or services. Possible customer touchpoints here are detailed blog articles, application videos, and webinars or (guided) demos as well as white papers and case studies.

PHASE 3 – Evaluation (Consideration): In this phase of the B2B customer journey, the prospective customer evaluates various options and providers. They check how well the solutions meet their requirements, compare prices, and read reviews and testimonials. This is often the first time they make contact. The unknown prospect becomes a lead.

PHASE 4 – Decision (conversion/acquisition): In the conversion phase, the B2B customer has made their choice and is ready to make a purchase or enter into a business relationship. This can include the conclusion of a contract, the purchase of a product, or the commissioning of a service. Smooth and efficient processing in this phase of the customer journey is crucial to converting the lead into a customer.

PHASE 5 – Loyalty: After the purchase, the customer begins to use the product or service. The aim now is to maintain customer satisfaction and build a long-term relationship. This can result in further interactions, such as the use of support, training, or updates. Cross-selling and upselling potential can be exploited via digital solutions or customer portals.

PHASE 6 – Advocacy: Customers who are satisfied with your B2B customer journey can become advocates of the company. They actively recommend the company to other potential customers and share positive experiences via social media or personal recommendations.







Lead generation along the B2B customer journey

Provide the right information at the right time on the right channel — that is the objective of the B2B customer journey with its customer touchpoints. The next step is to use suitable measures — calls to action — to turn the unknown prospect into a lead. This means, in other words, to encourage the prospect to leave their contact information. Targeted lead nurturing then accompanies the leads gained in this way through the further phases of their B2B customer journey. Close cooperation between marketing and sales ensures that lead generation flows seamlessly into the sales process and that the needs of potential customers are met at every stage of the customer journey.

A greater number of satisfied customers

A successful B2B customer journey is crucial in order to remain competitive. As a B2B digital agency and brand consultancy, we specialize in developing tailor-made solutions for the B2B customer journey.

Our services for a successful customer journey

Understanding customers with the help of buyer personas and customer journey analysis

We start with a comprehensive analysis of your target audiences to understand their needs, challenges, and behaviors. Using this basis, we develop detailed buyer personas — if these do not already exist — and identify the key moments in their customer journey. We also look at existing touchpoints, processes, and systems.

An overview of the touchpoints in a customer journey map

Based on the findings from the analysis, we develop a customized strategy for designing the B2B customer journey. This includes the selection of the right channels, the definition and weighting of the individual interaction points, and the visualization in a customer journey map.

Higher customer satisfaction through continuous optimization and control of touchpoints in the customer journey map

We support you to create and distribute relevant content on your website or on specially programmed landing pages. And we develop automation processes to make interactions along the customer journey seamless.

A successful customer journey is an ongoing process. That’s why, as a B2B digital agency, we support our clients in the ongoing monitoring and optimization of touchpoints along the B2B customer journey.


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